Patterson Property Advisors Services:

Buyer’s Agent – Residential Property:

Purchasing a property to live in is, for many people, a highly emotional process. It is also one where your expectations of an ideal home have to be balanced against your financial situation.
At P.P.A we help people navigate their way through what is often a very stressful and time-consuming buying process. As an impartial 3rd party, we are better equipped to negotiate with all of the relevant agents, auctioneers, developers and vendors to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. Remember, real estate agents are paid to get the best possible price for sellers and are not above using a host of tactics and ploys to achieve this outcome. We represent buyers, know exactly what we are up against, and are well prepared to achieve the best possible price for you.
If a property is going to auction, we can do the bidding at auction or negotiate the sale prior to auction. If the property is for sale, we can negotiate on the buyer’s behalf, ensuring that the purchase remains unemotional and we can settle on a fair price. Having an impartial representative means that agents and sellers can’t use your emotions to manipulate you into paying an exorbitant amount.

Buyers Agent – Investment Property:

There are typically three types of Residential Investment Properties which are purchased by Buyers. Off the Plan, Newly Built or Pre Existing Dwellings. Each of these have pros and cons.


Off-the-plan properties are typically apartments, townhouses or house and land packages which are normally purchased prior to construction. The benefits are that there can be stamp duty savings, depreciation allowances, negative gearing benefits as well as the potential for the value of the property to increase during construction. When buying Off The Plan it’s critical that the builder is reputable and that there is either current or future rental demand as well as infrastructure and amenities to attract tenants to the property.

Newly Built:

Newly built properties can be appealing to some people as they can see what they are buying but these may not offer stamp duty savings and are priced at current market value which negates the potential increase in equity while they are being built.At P.P.A we work with a select number of reputable Developers throughout Australia who specialise in quality Apartment and Town House construction and quite often we can negotiate better prices and/or extra inclusions due to these relationships.

Established Dwellings:

Some people prefer to buy established properties and while these may not provide some of the tax benefits of a new or off the plan property, they can also be a great investment. It’s important when buying established dwellings that you understand that they are not new and as such may have greater repair and maintenance issues than a new property.
These types of property can be Apartments, Town Houses or House and Land are great for the renovator or people who have the time and skills to make improvements and repairs if needed. They typically require a more hands-on approach by the investor so its important to work out if you have the time and the skills to invest in this type of property.
At P.P.A we have access to a range of different research and analysis tools and can source quality established investment properties throughout Australia which can provide both a strong yield as well as the potential for consistent capital growth.

Real Estate Agent Selection:

For many people choosing the right Real Estate Agent to help sell their property can be a very stressful decision. As most people aren’t spending their days in and around Real Estate Agencies it can be difficult to actually see behind the nice suits and smiles and to work out whether a certain Agent or Agency is going to do the absolute best by you and your property. Like every profession, some people are better than others.
At PPC we have an intimate knowledge of the best Real Estate Agents in each area as we are working with them on a daily basis. We are able to gain a very clear understanding of the different styles and work habits of many agents and as such can recommend which Agents may be more suited to your particular requirements.
Some clients prefer a more bullish Agent while others prefer Agents with a more laid back approach. It’s extremely important to make sure that the Agent you entrust to sell your home has the requisite skills and experience to achieve the best possible

outcome but also understands you and can work effectively with you throughout the sales process.

Bidding at Auction:

Most people are well aware that buying a property at Auction can be a very stressful experience and there are countless stories of people paying way more than they needed to for a property due to the tactics and strategies employed by Real estate Agents and Auctioneers to achieve the highest possible price for the Vendor.

The team at PPA have a deep understanding of the mechanics of an Auction and strongly recommend the use of our “Bidding at Auction” service to eliminate the emotion from the decision and to ensure the lowest possible price is paid.

Negotiation Only:

In some circumstances, clients find a property by themselves but want a professional to handle the price negotiation and settlement for them. At PPA we do this to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients as far as paying the right price and negotiating the best settlement terms which favour the purchaser.